Pick up a new hobby this year – we tried yoga!

Happy new year! It’s the month for making resolutions and thinking about positive changes for the new year.

Recently, the South West Liver Buddies were treated to a special online yoga class led by Dr Aileen Smith over Zoom.

Many of you who have been a Derriford patient will probably know Dr Smith as a consultant hepatologist – but did you know she’s also a registered yoga teacher?

She kindly offered to do a tailored health, fitness and wellness session that we could all join in with at our own level – even if we weren’t feeling very bendy!

A number of us had never tried yoga before, but really enjoyed giving something new a go. It was nice to join in, support each other, have a bit of fun and a stretch. It helped that Dr Smith has a good understanding of how we might be physically, so there was no pressure to push ourselves – chilled and relaxed was the vibe.

We all slept really well that night!

The session was recorded, so it’s available for the Liver Buddies to watch again, and for those who couldn’t make it on the night.

Give it a go

If you’re interested in making yoga a part of your 2022 routine, join us for the next one!

Find out more about the health benefits of yoga on the NHS website.

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